SM Prime’s Board of Directors is at the helm of its governance structure. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure the achievement of the Company’s vision and mission in a manner that upholds the values of focus, hard work, innovation, integrity, teamwork and sustainability.

SM Prime’s Revised Manual on Corporate Governance specifies the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. To effectively discharge their function, members of the Board are given independent access to the Management and Corporate Secretary.

The Board plays a leading role in the establishment of the Company’s strategic framework, setting of the overall strategic direction and reviewing and monitoring of its progress at least on an annual basis. Through the annual strategic plan reporting of the Company’s business units (BUs), the Board reviews each BU’s strategies and targets and monitors their progress towards achieving the Company’s strategic objectives.. For more information about the Board of Directors, you may click here to view its Charter.

Henry Sy Sr.

Chairman Emeritus

Henry T. Sy, Jr.

Non-Executive Director/Chairman of the Board

Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.

Independent Director / Vice-Chairman of the Board / Lead Independent Director

Darlene Marie B. Berberabe

Independent Director

J. Carlitos G. Cruz

Independent Director

Hans T. Sy

Non-Executive Director

Herbert T. Sy

Non-Executive Director

Jorge T. Mendiola

Non-Executive Director

Jeffrey C. Lim

Executive Director & President

Teresita T. Sy-Coson

Advisor to the Board

Elizabeth T. Sy

Advisor to the Board