"SM Prime's sustainability approach is woven at the core of the Company's business strategy - a legacy of our founder Mr. Henry "Tatang" Sy, Sr. which we faithfully uphold in all aspects of the business."

Henry T. Sy, Jr.


"From being a mall operator back in the early '90s, to one of the leading integrated proptery developers in Southeast Asia, SM Prime has established an organization that is driven to make a change in the society through world-class developments, all for the enrichment of lives of millions of people."

Jeffrey C. Lim


"Being in business, we must carry the responsibility of safeguarding the surrounding environment - the earth we build on, the air we breathe and the energy and water we use. The very resources that keep us alive compel us to do better for the community and retain the confidence of our stakeholders as well as our shareholders."

Hans T. Sy

Chairman of the Executive Committee

SM Prime Sustainability Council

Steering Committee Chairman

Mr. Jeffrey C. Lim

Advisory Group

Head Office Divisions that provide recommendations
on the Steering Committee based on their expertise.

Sustainability Secretariat

The Department that coordinates with the members of
the Advisory Group and the business units

Technical Working Group

Members of the business units that serve as data
collectors and analysts

Company Statement on Sustainability

SM Prime is committed to sustainability and incorporates the key principles of environment, social and governance (ESG) in our core business strategies and operations. We recognize, that while the country is among the leading growth economies in the region, its growth has enhanced its exposure to global value chains and increased vulnerability due to socioeconomic conditions. We, therefore, acknowledge the need for sustainability and resilience as a foundation for informed action to sustainable development.